APL #107, #109 & #159



Chauvenet_BR_cropThe Chauvenet floor plan designed by King Engineering with APL design theories

#107 Wings of Light:

Arrange each building so that it breaks down into wings which correspond, approximately, to the most important natural social groups within the building.  Make each wing long and as narrow as you can - never more than 25 feet wide.

#109 Long Thin House:

In small buildings, don't cluster all the rooms together around each other; instead string out the rooms one after another, so that distance between each room is as great as it can be. 

#159 Light on Two Sides of Every Room:

Locate each room so that it has outdoor space outside it on at least two sides, and then place windows in these outdoor walls so that natural light falls into every room from more than one direction.

From our blog series on "A Pattern Language", by Christopher Alexander

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