I have been privileged to work with you and have the confidence your service has been part of the backbone for our business.  Thanks a lot for all your energy expended for our company.

Waldon Plett, Teton Structures

I would like to express my gratitude for the design effort you provided on our home. You came highly recommended by one of the contractors I had price our home and after working with you I can see why. Being in the design and construction industry myself I have a very good understanding of how the experience of designing a project should transpire and what the quality of the deliverables should be. I found your services to be highly professional, attentive to the schedule and of superior quality. You were also considerate of the project budget and on several occasions you brought cost issues to my attention to make me aware of the impact it would have.


During the bidding process for the home I received numerous compliments from the contractors on the quality of the design as well as the aesthetic beauty of the homes design. The 3D software you provided us helped my wife visualize the space and appearance better than she ever would have been able to with 2D drawings. I’ve been in design and construction for 35 years and even I found some things in the 3D model that surprised me on what they would look like once they were built.


Feel free to use me as a reference for anyone interested in using your services in the future and if I have the need for additional design services I won’t hesitate to call you.

Larry Klein, Owner/Builder - Golden Gate Canyon Home

Honestly, it has been an ENORMOUS relief to have you available for what seems to have turned out to be a much larger project than my feeble skill set can fathom. I think I would have run for the hills many weeks ago, had you not been there to support me and the crew. Thank you!


Thank you for all the work on these fixes. It seems to me that your name gets thrown around quite liberally when there’s the slightest issue confronted. I appreciate you making the time to work on these items for me.


I really can’t imagine what people do without your support through the build process…seriously.


Jeffrey Lindh, Owner/Builder - Little Acres Lane Home

If you are still searching for an engineer, I have a terrific one.  Adam is pretty much the only guy I refer people to as he has more experience designing ICF structures than anyone I know.  You do not want to be an engineer's "guinea pig" or first ICF project as they will tend to WAY overdesign it which costs you a lot of money in rebar and concrete!


Here in Colorado, we are lucky to have a very talented engineer that has worked with Quad-Deck more times than I can count

Brian Baron, GCP, Sales Manager, Rocky Mountain Region, Quadlock Building Systems, Ltd.