If you are still searching for an engineer, I have a terrific one.  Adam is pretty much the only guy I refer people to as he has more experience designing ICF structures than anyone I know.  You do not want to be an engineer's "guinea pig" or first ICF project as they will tend to WAY overdesign it which costs you a lot of money in rebar and concrete!


Here in Colorado, we are lucky to have a very talented engineer that has worked with Quad-Deck more times than I can count

Brian Baron, GCP, Sales Manager, Rocky Mountain Region, Quadlock Building Systems, Ltd.

We had an incredible experience working with Adam at King Engineering. He is personal, professional, and knowledgeable. His experience and eye for design helped our custom home project design be more than we would have hoped for. The fact that King Engineering assists in design and is also a structural engineer ensures there is an excellent balance between what can be built structurally and what it looks like architecturally.


We appreciated how he worked with us throughout the process of designing and building because his insights significantly impacted the final product. I would look no further than King Engineering. Adam is a great person and a talented engineer with an eye for design which we would use again. I highly recommend them!

Darrel Wilmoth, President, Infinity Construction Services

I have had the pleasure of working with King Engineering on a number of residential design projects all over the country. I was so impressed with Adam’s work on our first project together that I’ve since relied upon his expertise for all of my projects since 2009. His engineering expertise combined with a very solid understanding of construction and a forward thinking positive attitude make him an invaluable part of my design team.

Evan Davis, Sunlight Homes

In Wyoming, one company that we have used often for deck design is King Engineering

John Hatfield, Energywise Sustainable Products, LLC.