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Sustainable Materials

Contrary to popular belief, wood is the most sustainable of all building materials. Engineered wood products and even fast-growth dimensional lumber farmed or responsibly harvested utilize the raw, renewable, and abundant energy of the sun to actually take carbon out of the air and store it in our buildings. At King Engineering, we believe the…
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Zero Net Energy

Custom home design is more than choosing the right materials. Utilizing natural resources and smart design principles, we can design an energy efficient home that can offset all or most of its annual energy consumption. In the summer of 2014, King Engineering began working with the University of Wyoming Building Energy Research Group (UW BERG)…
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Earth Sheltered Homes

Earth Sheltered Homes, also known as Green Roof Homes, provide an energy efficient and weather resistant option for new home construction. Whether you chose to build above grade or partially below grade, earth covering one or more walls will protect and insulate the home. The surrounding earth can also provide noise dampening and serve to…
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