Earth Sheltered Homes

Earth Sheltered Homes, also known as Green Roof Homes, provide an energy efficient and weather resistant option for new home construction. Whether you chose to build above grade or partially below grade, earth covering one or more walls will protect and insulate the home. The surrounding earth can also provide noise dampening and serve to "blend in" your home with its natural surroundings.

Homes similar to this 4160 sq ft earth sheltered residential home with a green roof have been found to operate at a 70% energy savings over comparable structures. The visible portions of the exterior design features reflect a southwestern Santa Fe style home and incorporate as many energy saving products as possible. Approximately 250 yards of concrete went into the 550 linear feet of footers and walls and 4100 sqft of roof. The design includes a retaining wall on either end of the home constructed in a 35-foot radius, allowing more southern exposure and an additional window into the master bedroom.

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