Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Structural Engineering

Serving clients in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona, King Engineering has experience on a range of projects from stadiums and commercial buildings to custom residential home plans and remodels. We offer creative design, paired with energy conscience building principles.

3D Modeling (BIM)

With the use of advanced computer aided drafting (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) software, we can produce high quality 3D renderings and detailed construction drawings. Resulting in views that are perfectly to scale, giving you a preview of how a space will look and function.

Architectural Drafting

Whether you are a prospective homeowner planning your dream home, or a contractor building custom or production homes, King Engineering can accommodate all your architectural drafting needs while providing and closely coordinating any engineering requirements of the project.

Construction Services

As your construction engineering consultant, we will represent your interests during the construction phase. We serve as your voice in the field for communicating with contractors, suppliers, and building officials - ensuring that your interests are being protected, every step of the way.

Energy Efficient Home Design

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