Construction Services

Construction Services

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As your construction engineering consultant, we will represent your interests during the construction phase.

With all of our experience in engineering, home design, building science, and construction, King Engineering can be your trusted construction engineering services firm.  We have successfully executed many projects, whether of our own design or designed by other firms who may be from other parts of the country and a local consultant is needed.  Now you can benefit from our expertise as we provide construction engineering consultation for your project.

Unfortunately, the excitement of seeing your dream come to a reality can oftentimes be overshadowed by the inherently stressful nature of construction.  As your construction engineering consultant, we will represent your interests during the construction phase.  Our clients are often experts at dreaming of their finished building or home; however, they are usually not so adept at understanding the painstakingly minute details, construction lingo, and the many questions, mistakes, and changes that tend to happen when many different people of varying backgrounds and motives are thrown into a room and told to "make it work!"  We serve as your voice in the field for communicating with contractors, suppliers, and building officials - ensuring that your interests are being protected, every step of the way.

We serve you by strongly advocating for and carefully reviewing detailed shop drawings of the various structural elements and systems (rebar, wood trusses, connectors, etc.) before those elements go into production or are ordered ensuring that what shows up in the field is what was specified on the construction drawings.  When changes are required to the original design, we will issue addendums and supplemental information drawings so the change is clearly communicated and documented.  We will respond to requests for field information (RFI's) before or during construction, resolve contractor errors or substitutions, and conduct periodic structural inspections on-site and prepare field reports to observe and document the contractor's work to ensure that what is being built conforms with the construction drawings.  With all of our experience with building projects, we understand the roles and viewpoints of the various people involved in the project, and therefore have an advantage when trying to coordinate a larger, diverse group of people to work towards the same goal.

We are not just a representative of the building owner during construction, but we are also a valuable tool for the contractor.  We can provide consulting on means & methods, sequencing, shoring design, and general problem solving when things go awry.

King Engineering has successfully overseen many construction projects all over the region.  We prefer to complete a project from start to finish, beginning with design, but we are also happy to step in after the plans have been completed by someone else to meet your construction engineering needs.