Fremont Street Addition

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Two-story addition giving the master bedroom a much needed huge master bathroom with vaulted ceilings and large walk-in closets. Also incorporated into the 2nd floor are two new secondary bathrooms, an oversized laundry room, and a balcony off the master suite.  The first floor features a new massive kitchen more than double the size of the original which opens up fully to a new vaulted Great Room.  The addition is founded on a crawl space foundation supported by drilled piers due to expansive soils.  ICF Foundation and first floor walls are ICF, second floor walls are SIP, and the floors and roof are wood-framed. The existing second floor had to be supported with a 20' clear-spanning steel beam within the confines of a mere 10 inch floor cavity in order to allow the new kitchen to be completely open.

Subcontractor: Quadlock Building Systems (ICF materials), Green Earth Construction (General Contractor)

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