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APL #105 – South Facing Outdoors

Passive Solar SIP home - Architecture by Sunlight Homes, structural engineering by King Engineering Always place buildings to the north of outdoor spaces that go with them, and keep the outdoor spaces to the south. Never leave a deep band of shade between the building and the sunny part of the outdoors. From our blog…
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           I’m often asked, “which is better, ICF or SIP?” And to be honest, I ask myself that same question. There isn’t a proven answer. Well, that is, unless you ask an ICF or SIP dealer. What I do know, is that they are both drastically better than conventional stick-framing. As far as which system…
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Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) combine high R-value with excellent strength, air-tightness, and the inherent benefits of pre-fabricated, panelized construction. However, they do require attention to detail and knowledge of industry preferences when designing. How to transfer loads across floor framing, how to replace the shear strength taken away by the large openings characteristic of today’s…
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