I would like to express my gratitude for the design effort you provided on our home. You came highly recommended by one of the contractors I had price our home and after working with you I can see why. Being in the design and construction industry myself I have a very good understanding of how the experience of designing a project should transpire and what the quality of the deliverables should be. I found your services to be highly professional, attentive to the schedule and of superior quality. You were also considerate of the project budget and on several occasions you brought cost issues to my attention to make me aware of the impact it would have.


During the bidding process for the home I received numerous compliments from the contractors on the quality of the design as well as the aesthetic beauty of the homes design. The 3D software you provided us helped my wife visualize the space and appearance better than she ever would have been able to with 2D drawings. I’ve been in design and construction for 35 years and even I found some things in the 3D model that surprised me on what they would look like once they were built.


Feel free to use me as a reference for anyone interested in using your services in the future and if I have the need for additional design services I won’t hesitate to call you.

Larry Klein, Owner/Builder - Golden Gate Canyon Home