Structural Engineering

We offer cost-effective and creative design solutions, paired with sustainable and energy conscience building principles.

3D Modeling (BIM)

With the newest software tools, we can create an astonishingly realistic 3D tour of your new home, remodel or renovation.

Architectural Drafting

We can accommodate all your architectural drafting needs while closely coordinating any engineering requirements of the project

Construction Services

Let us protect your interests and be your voice in the field for communicating with contractors, suppliers, and building officials.

Recent Projects

Glen Eagle Estates Home

The homeowners of this 5,700 square foot ranch-style home wanted a beautiful and comfortable home, yet viewed it as an investment property.  Designed for maximum resale value and strict adherence to neighborhood covenants, prominent features include 10-12 foot ceilings on the main floor and 9-11 foot ceilings in the basement;  a large back patio defined by huge stone, floor-to-ceiling arches; rough sawn ceiling beams in the kitchen; a master suite with an 8x5 foot sauna; garage space to comfortably fit a full-size pickup, RV, and two cars;  and 4 bedrooms in the basement along with a 38 x24 foot family room.  King Engineering provided the architectural plans as well as the structural engineering for the conventional light-frame wood structure.

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What We Do

ICF Construction

Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) have combined commercial structural strength with energy consciousness into a system that is feasible for all types of projects, including cost-conscience residential. Whether you’re building in high wind or seismic region, or if you just want a quiet, energy-efficient, and durable home that you can construct without needing access to traditional removable forms, ICF’s are a viable design option. We know how to utilize all the inherent strength of concrete without over-reinforcing and still meeting or exceeding code minimums.

SIP construction

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) combine high R-value with excellent strength, air-tightness, and the inherent benefits of pre-fabricated, panelized construction. However, they do require attention to detail and knowledge of industry preferences when designing. How to transfer loads across floor framing, how to replace the shear strength taken away by the large openings characteristic of today’s home styles – these are challenges we have confronted many times and have successfully accommodated.

Sustainable Materials

Contrary to popular belief, wood is the most sustainable of all building materials. Engineered wood products and even fast-growth dimensional lumber farmed or responsibly harvested utilize the raw, renewable, and abundant energy of the sun to actually take carbon out of the air and store it in our buildings. At King Engineering, we believe the most sustainable building is constructed of an ICF or SIP shell for energy-efficiency and durability, while utilizing as many engineered wood products as possible for interior structure.

Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficiency comes in many different forms, from meeting strict passive house standards to simply orienting your home for southerly sun exposure. Even the tightest of budgets can take advantage of principles humans have recognized for ages - the sun warms you up, the shade and the ground cool you down. Earth-sheltered, green roof, net-zero ready, passive solar, active solar, ICF, SIP or double wall – We have experience with many different versions of energy efficiency for many different types of projects.